Airsoft is literally a war, or rather, a combat simulation simulation. The direct definition of the question of what is Airsoft can be done in this way. However, airsoft has undergone major changes since its inception and has taken its present form. This war simulation game or sport originated in Japan towards the end of the 1970s. Since the weapons used when it first appeared were very different, there are also question marks about its exact origin. In the 1970s, II. After the end of World War II, the United States of America was putting pressure on many countries to produce weapons and armament, one of these pressured countries is Japan. As a result of pressure from the USA, some legal changes were made in Japan about armament. Under the new law, Japanese civilians were prohibited from owning any firearms. When this was the case, the gun manufacturers decided to produce a non-firearm, similar to firearms, that the civilian population could buy and use. This is how airsoft guns first appeared in Japan. Initially, the production purpose was to produce fireless but defensive weapons. Weapons made for this purpose were not very successful. It was too high for anyone to buy in terms of price, and it was able to shoot one shot at a time. It was produced in a heavy and difficult to carry condition. The structure and way of working of the guns, which were sold for an average of $ 1000, did not go much beyond the paintball guns of the time.

Airsoft is a very fast and dynamic game with its own rules, played between 2 people or 2 groups. Many people confuse the game of paintball with the game of airsoft. Airsoft game is much faster and a little harder, dynamic game than paintball. In this game, players dress up like a soldier or even a soldier in battle. They wear military camouflage style clothing to be easily camouflaged. Airsoft suits include military helmets such as assault vests, and war suits such as helmets. Airsoft game is much more realistic than paintball game. Another purpose of wearing these clothes is to carry other materials that will be needed in the game. In other words, you can take materials such as extra ammunition and magazines with you thanks to these camouflages.

One of the best answers to the question of what is Airsoft is an excellent strategic war game played with game weapons that are just like the real thing. with the closest to the real It is played with the closest weapons and tactics to the real thing. The game is fast and active. Since it is not played with a paintball like paintball, the players who are hit cannot be understood from the outside. The person who is hit must pretend to be dead as per the concept of the game. In games played with few people, a player may have more than one right to die. Airsoft guns are actually bead guns, although they look exactly like the real thing. In addition to the air and semi-automatic ones, there are also fully automatic ones. Weapons developed over time have become quite fast. The beads used in the game do not harm the person it will hit during the shot. However, as in the sport of paintball, a direct shot should not be made at any player below a certain distance. In case of bare skin, bruising may be observed. In case of direct contact with the eye, it can damage the eye vessels and cause temporary or permanent vision damage. air From soft safety rules, what to watch out for during the game How to Play Airsoft < /strong>we talk about it in more detail in our content. You can browse to get all the detailed information.