Avcılar Paintball east of Eurasia Paintball It is located near Büyükçekmece Lake with its magnificent view. The European Highway passes through its north. Tepecik neighborhood is located in the south of this paintball field, which can be reached by a direct connection from the E5 highway. Our Avcılar paintball field is located just inside the city, in an easy-to-reach location. Before talking about the details of transportation between Arnavutköy Paintball and Avcılar, let's take a look at the history and features of Avcılar. Avcılar is a district of Istanbul located on the European side. Kucukcekmece district and Kucukcekmece Lake are located in the east of this district, which is 27 kilometers away from the center of Istanbul. To the south of the district is the Sea of ​​Marmara. It has 10 (ten) neighborhoods within itself. With the quail flocks coming from the north, it is one of the most suitable areas for hunting, especially in the autumn months. The hunters, who frequently come to the region to hunt these flocks of birds and similar game animals, gave this place next to Ambarlı Village its current name over time. In the town of Avcılar, which started to be inhabited towards the end of the 1950s, summer and winter houses were first built on the land that has a lake on one side and a sea on the other. The Turks, who settled in the region during the population exchange period from the Greek villages with rich lands, had difficulties in their livelihood when they came to this region as they had always lived on farming. Over time, the people who started to benefit from the blessings of both the lake and the sea and learned how to fish later became wealthy.

How to Get Eurasian Paintball from Avcılar?

Access to Eurasia Paintball by Public Transport from Avcılar:
  • Go to Avcılar platform in Avcilar center and take the 76B bus.
  • Get off at Istanbul University Avcılar Campus after 3 stops.
  • From there, take the 401 bus to Çatalca in the direction of Çatalca. Before getting on the bus, switch to the direction of forkca.
  • Now get off at the Tepekent stop.
  • After getting off here, walk for about five minutes (350 meters) along Yali street. Just ahead on the left you will see the Paintball sign.
Alternative transportation to Eurasia Paintball by public transport:
  • If you want to go by direct bus, walk from Avcılar center to Igs stop.
  • Take 401 bus to Çatalca from the Igs stop. Get off at Tepekent stop.
  • Walk for about five minutes along the street of the mansion. You will see the Arnavutköy Paintball sign on the left ahead.

Transportation from Avcılar by Private Vehicle

via D100/E5
  • Reşit Paşa Cd. and Haramidere Ambarlı Yolu/Sarı Zeybek Cd. take the D100/E5 direction (6.5 kilometers)
  • Then continue on the D100/E5 to get to the E-5 Side road. Follow the D100/E5 road and head towards Esenyurt. Use the attachment output. (950 meters)
  • Continue towards D100/E5 at Atatürk Mahallesi. Take the e5 road by following the Tüyap signs.
  • In Ulus Mahallesi, Yalı Sk. Follow the route D100/E5 and D569 to get to the direction. (11 km)
  • Then turn left onto Yalı Sokak. 350 meters ahead you will see Eurasia Paintball Istanbul on the left.
Alternative Transportation from Avcılar by Private Vehicle: via European Motorway/O-3/E80
  • Haramidere Ambarlı Yolu/Sarı Zeybek Cd. and go towards European Motorway/O-3/E80 via Avcılar Haramidere Connection.
  • Follow the European Motorway/O-3/E80 route to go in the direction of European Motorway Çatalca Connection at Muratbey Merkez Mahallesi. Exit via European Motorway/O-3/E80.
  • Yalı Sk. To go in the direction of Çatalca Yolu Cd./D569.
  • Turn right in the direction of Yalı street. 300 meters ahead, you will see Arnavutköy Paintball on your left.
See you later!