Beylikdüzü, which has the district of Büyükçekmece in the west of the Marmara Sea in the south, is adjacent to Avcılar in the east and Esenyurt in the north. It is one of the special districts in Istanbul where shanty settlements are almost never seen. Beylikdüzü is a very popular place with its proximity to paintball fields. According to the researches, 40% of the residents of the district have graduated from a university. In the district, where social life is developing, interest in outdoor activities and sports is increasing day by day. Eurasia Paintball is one of the closest paintball fields to the Beylikdüzü region. You can see the transportation routes from Beylikdüzü to here by private vehicle and public transportation, below. **

How to reach Eurasia Paintball Beylikdüzü?

Transportation from Beylikdüzü by Public Transport: Our route starts from Beylikdüzü center by going to N. Hablemitoğlu street stop. However, if you are close to other stops, you can use different bus lines.

  • First, walk about 350 meters from Beylikdüzü center to N. Hablemitoğlu stop.
  • N. Take the Küçükçekmece-Beylikdüzü Mass Housing Bus from Hablemitoğlu stop.
  • Take the right direction from this stop to catch the buses going in the direction of Çatalca.
  • Take the iett bus number 401 from the Büyükşehir residences stop.
  • Fifteen stops later, take the Çatalca bus at the Tepekent stop. get down
  • From this stop, go to Yalı street direction. After 350 meters, you will have completed the Eurasia Paintball Beylikdüzü public transportation route.

Transportation from Beylikdüzü by Alternative Public Transportation:  This route has been prepared for those who want to come to Eurasia Paintball from Beylikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone.

  • Walk from Beylikdüzü OSB stop to the District Governorate stop. This road takes approximately nine to ten minutes.
  • Take the Yenibosna Metro bus number 458, which passes every ten minutes from the District Governor's stop.
  • After seven stops, get off at the Migros stop and walk to the Beylikdüzü bus stop. Make sure that this stop has buses going in the direction of Çatalca.
  • Take the 401 iett Çatalca bus from Beylikdüzü bus stop.
  • Get off at Tepekent stop after half an hour (sixteen stops).
  • Walk to Yalı street from this stop. You can see the paintball field on the left in the street ahead.

Transportation from Beylikdüzü by Eurasia Paintball Private Vehicle:  Approximately 20 minutes (17,6 km) and the route of your journey will be via D100/E5 and D569

  • From Beylikdüzü centerHosseda Street directionsouthwestward scroll
  • Hosseda Street continue in the direction
  • 170 meters later Education Valley Blv . turn right
  • To scroll through Education Valley Blv. leftturn
  • 130 meters later Megakent 5. Sk< /span>/Farm Cd. to turn rightturn
  • 600 meters later Enver Adakan Cd. turn right /span>
  • 260 meters later at 1 roundabout class="renderable-component">left turn
  • 850 meters later At the roundabout 1. Atatürk Blv. scroll through
  • 1.6 km later At the roundaboutCumhuriyet Cd.1. enter the exit
  • 140 meters later 1991. Sk. Turn towards right and switch to 1991. Continue on Sk.
  • then 1990. Cd.turn right
  • 64 meters later 1990. Cd. right Ataturk Blv. Junction starts hereE-5 Sideway Continue in the direction
  • After 250 meters Follow the connection pathD100 Use the Left lane to switch to /E5
  • After 240 meters D100/ Enter E5
  • D100/E5 continue straight to scroll
  • After 5 km Mimar Sinan Junction/D569 turn right
  • < li>120 meters later Fork Road Cd./ span>D569 to the right Turn around and stay on this road for 4.9 km
  • Then Yali Sk. lightdirect right
  • 400 meters later < span class="renderable-component">Light Sk. light in the direction to the left return
 You can also see this directions on Google MapsEurasia Paintball Beylikdüzü Route