The same question is naturally asked when the subject of this fun sport that everyone should play at least once in their life, but what is paintball, how is it played? This game, which is very enjoyable and easy to play, is more serious in sports competitions. In this article, we will learn from paintball and game rules, weekend entertainments that friends who want to spend a more enjoyable weekend get together and play. We will talk about how to play paintball. Paintball game is basically played between two teams. Some large courts may have more than two teams, but the main game is played between two teams. These two teammates must shoot each other with their spray guns or guns. Actually, this equipment used in paintball game is called marker. According to the rules of the paintball game, it is wrong to say that the marker equipment is a gun, paint balls are bullets or paint bullets, and instead of shooting with the marker, it is wrong to say. Paintball is a completely peaceful, fun-oriented game where everyone discovers themselves and team spirit. It is not correct to use words that evoke brutality and violence in this game played with completely natural materials in the heart of nature. To reach all the known unknown rules of this game and the details of the rules Paintball Game Rules do not forget to review our article. The more you master the rules of the game, the more likely you are to be successful in the game. Also wondering How to Play Paintball Better? If you are, we recommend you to read the article named paintball tactics in the external link. Various scenarios can be created in the paintball game, which is basically based on the struggle of two teams. Scenarios can be created according to the characteristics and possibilities of the field, as well as the number of people in the teams. Some flag paintball scenarios are not played when there are few people in the teams, and it is not fun to play, so the game scenarios also depend on the number of people in the teams. In addition, whether the people in the teams have played this game before is also important in determining the scenario. It is preferred that amateur players play with simple scenarios rather than more technical and tactical scenarios. Because amateur players should gain the ability to dominate the game and use the equipment correctly instead of winning the game in their first game. As the players gain experience, more difficult paintball scenarios can be created and the game can be set up. The basic rule of this game, in which the opposing team players try to mark with different techniques and tactics, is to remain unmarked until the end of the game. If the teams in the game consist of few players, those who are marked up to a certain number do not have to leave the game. However, those who are marked in games with crowded teams are directly removed from the game. This game, which requires protecting teammates, protecting oneself, feeling team spirit and acting accordingly, is also very effective in people's social lives. Usually paintball tournaments are held in the newly established departments of large companies or when there is a general change in any department. Thus, it is ensured that colleagues gain team spirit, get used to each other and get to know each other better.