Buyukcekmece Paintball is located on the European side of Istanbul. While there are Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü districts on the east side, there is Silivri district on the west. It is adjacent to Çatalca and Arnavutköy districts on the north side. Turkey's highest TV Tower is located within the borders of this district. This town, which is popular as a coastal city, has an enormous coastal road. Büyükçekmece, which doubles its population in the summer months; It is rich in shopping malls, bazaars, historical monuments, 5-star hotels and water parks. Büyükçekmece, where Outdoor Sports is becoming increasingly popular, also attracts attention with its ease of access to paintball fields.

How to go to Eurasia Paintball Buyukcekmece?

Transportation to Büyükçekmece Eurasia Paintball by public transport: Büyükçekmece is about 10 minutes away from our Paintball Field by public transport. Although this period may change slightly during peak traffic hours, our area draws attention with its proximity to the district. Transportation details from Büyükçekmece center by public transportation are as follows:
  • Reach Büyükçekmece E5 bus stops. Here, come to the bus stops in the direction of Çatalca.
  • You can take the 401 Çatalca bus from this stop.
  • Get off at Tepekent bus stop after eight stops.
  • Walk 350 meters from Tepekent stop and enter Yalı street.
  • As you move along the street, you can see the Eurasia paintball field on the left.
Alternative public transportation from Büyükçekmece: This route can be used by those who want to provide transportation around Büyükçekmece Fatih neighborhood.
  • You can take the Büyükçekmece- İhlas Marmara 1st Stage bus from Büyükçekmece Fatih Mahallesi central stop.
  • After three stops, get off at Tabya2 stop.
  •  Reach the Tabya bus stop by walking for about four minutes.
  • Take the 401 Catalca bus from this stop.
  • After nine stops, get off at Tepekent station.
  • From here, proceed in the direction of Yali street.
  • When you reach number 18 Yalı Sokak, you will be transporting paintball to Büyükçekmece.
Transportation by Büyükçekmece Paintball Eurasia Private Vehicle: The route of this journey, which will take approximately 7-8 minutes (7.7 km), will be via D100/E5 and D569. You can easily choose this Eurasia Paintball Büyükçekmece route all day and at any time.
  • From around Büyükçekmece Fatih neighborhood D100/E5 from northeast
  • 1.6 km later D100/E5 lightweightmove to the left
  • After 170 meters D100/E5 lightweightto the left turn
  • After 3.3 km Mimar Sinan Junction/D569 in the directionright return
  • After 120 meters Fork Road Cd. /D569< span class="renderable-component-text renderable-component-text-not-line"> towards right turn and continue in this direction for 4.9 km
  • After that Yali Sk. light in the direction right
  • When you reach the Yali street destination, turn slightly left. When you reach the street, continue inside. In a few minutes, you will have completed the Eurasia Paintball Büyükçekmece transportation.
You can also check these directions on Google Maps: Eurasia Paintball> Büyükçekmece RouteAlternative transportation route from Büyükçekmece to Eurasia Paintball by Private Vehicle: It will take approximately 8 minutes (7.7 km) and the route of this journey will be via D569. We are waiting your comments.