You decided to play paintball and naturally how to play paintball you're wondering. As Eurasia Paintball we have prepared a detailed guide for those who will play paintball for the first time.

Before starting the game, there is a preparation phase of about 15-20 minutes.

  • Choose and wear a camouflage that suits your size. You have to be comfortable during the game. Therefore, be careful that the camouflage you choose is not too loose or narrow.
  • You will be given a mask to protect your face, make the necessary adjustments to fit your head comfortably.
  • Wear gloves and boots or shoes of your choice to protect your hands and feet from paintballs.
  • After deciding how many paintballs you will start with according to the package selection, take your paintball gun.
After this stage, the field official the referee will inform you about the rules of the game. You sign a contract stating that you will comply with the rules, otherwise all responsibility belongs to you. These rules are basically:
  • The most basic safety rule is not to remove the mask. No matter what happens, never remove your mask within the boundaries of the field, even if the game is stopped. Your friends may not be aware that the game has stopped. Many cases of injury result from mask removal within the confines of the field. Do not remove your mask within the boundaries of the field, you may be blinded if a paintball hits your eyes. There is no risk unless you take off your mask.
  • When you see someone removing their mask within the boundaries of the field, stop the game by intervening directly.
  • Never shoot without looking, in case someone takes off their mask, if you shoot without looking, you may cause injury without realizing it.
After the field officer explains the safety rules, he will explain how the game will be played according to the scenario to be played. The most played capture the flag scenario is played like this:
  • Both teams have their own base. The game starts from these points.
  • The hit player shouts "I've been shot" and raises his gun, returns to his base for all to see and re-enters the game..
  • There is a flag in the middle of the field. The task of the attacking team is to capture the flag and take it to its base. The defense team tries to prevent the capture of the flag.
  • If the flag is not captured for 15 minutes, the defense team wins the game.
  • The offensive and defensive teams switch places; the second period begins.
  • In this process, the referee follows the game, the game stops or starts with the referee's whistle.