Like many field sports, the field, equipment and referees are rented in paintball. Rental fees are paid for all these basic materials, while paintballs are also purchased. We would like to remind you that the prices in our company are all inclusive. Paintball Price Tariff vary according to the paintball field. Weapons, protective clothing, protective masks and equipment are rented. At the same time, the paintball field, the referee or referees who manage the game, as well as the assistants who follow up the materials and equipment during the game and supply them as they run out are also rented. We are waiting for you at our European side fields for the most affordable Paintball Istanbul prices. Eurasia Paintball is on the European Side of Istanbul and is located within the boundaries of Büyükçekmece district as a district. There are various categories of paintball fees for the experienced and inexperienced in the business, and there are paint balls in various quantities and equipment available for the experienced and inexperienced. People who will play paintball for the first time in their lives prefer whatever the smallest package is when they go to the paintball field. However, it should be remembered that any paintball experience is not always an experience you can have. Even if you go for the first time, you should get as many balls as possible and improve yourself by shooting as many shots as you want. You should live this experience to your heart's content and not leave it halfway. Those who say that I am playing for the first time and want to try with less ammo are usually out of the game because they run out of ammo soon after entering the game. Inexperienced paintball players consume their bullets more quickly than experienced paintball players. The player whose ammo runs out also has to leave the game. In order not to experience such a situation, the best thing to do is to buy enough bullets and paint balls before the game starts. Paintballs purchased in packs before starting the game come at a much more affordable price than paintballs purchased piecemeal during the game, and a profitable choice is made. European Side Paintball Prices it's a pretty decent price range. Mini packs containing 100 all-inclusive paintballs are around 150 TL. There are also all-inclusive packages containing more paintballs. Standard (midi) package containing 200 paintballs costs 250 TL. The all-inclusive super package with 300 paintballs is 400TL. These paintball prices are much more economical when purchased as a package. . In addition, these paintball package prices are all-inclusive, that is, clothing and protective mask rental, referee rental, field rental prices, use of weapons and assistants are also included in the package. When comparing paintball istanbul prices, do not forget to review all the details. Especially if you play paintball regularly, that is, you go to paintball every two weeks, the best thing to do is to find a place and go to a regular discount deal with it. As we mentioned before, be sure to pay attention to the criteria, differences and features when choosing a paintball field.